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The Problem we Face


The problem with Banking Today

Summed up in 2 words – FRACTIONAL BANKING - but first…

There have been many memorable dates in the last century, but one that has truly changed the world was August 1971. When President Nixon announced that the US dollar would no longer be tied to the price of gold, he put in place the seeds that we are seeing the fruits of today.
Since that time successive governments instead of balancing the annual budget have created new money to spend on their unrealistic promises. This has resulted in the value of your dollar being worth less and less each year. Just in the past few years since the Global Financial Crisis, the US government has created an additional $3 trillion dollars, and is currently creating money at an alarming rate of $85 Billion per month. This money printing is not just limited to the USA, around the world the governments in Europe, UK, China & Japan have each launched Quantitative Easing policies designed to flood the markets with new cheap money.
If this was not enough now consider the use of Fractional Banking. This is the ability of a traditional bank to take a deposit of $1,000 and lend this out to multiple clients, traditionally up to 9 different customers. This multiplication of the originally deposited sum creates even more dollars in the money supply. With an abundance of cheap credit, banks have been loaning out their depositors money many times over, fueling the credit boom. It has been reported that prior to Lehman Bro’s collapse their loans were in excess of 40 times their deposits. Banks are failing every day, furthermore the FDIC only ensures the first $200,000 held in your account.
Back in 1971 an ounce of gold was $35 an ounce. Today that same ounce of gold trades between $1,600 - $1,900.
JP Morgan summed it up 1912 with the words ‘Gold is Money, Everything else is credit’





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A little History

In 1912 JP Morgan used the words 'Gold is Money, everything else is credit' For a further history lesson click here..

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