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The Solution


To create a Bank / Credit Union that customers will trust with their deposits & savings, with the knowledge that
1.Their cash funds are 100% backed by gold
2.Their funds are not used for Fractional Banking purposes

100% Backed by Gold
For each dollar deposited there will be an equivalent value of gold under the control of the Credit Union.

No Fractional Banking
The bank will not use the Fractional Banking model. Therefore for each loan made, there will be an equivalent deposit on a 1:1 ratio





  • $3
    Get your name on our donor list
  • $10
    Collectable Stamp 40 years old
  • $25
    NPB Baseball cap
  • $50
    NBP T-Shirt
  • $75
    $20 towards first account with $250 deposit
  • $100
    One Ounce of 99.9% pure Silver
  • $500
    $200 towards first account with $2000 deposit
  • $1,000
    Ten ounces of 99.9% pure Sliver
  • $2,500
    One troy ounce of 24k Gold bar
  • $10,000
    Four troy ounces of 24k Gold bars




A little History

In 1912 JP Morgan used the words 'Gold is Money, everything else is credit' For a further history lesson click here..

Core Values



    On June 25 2014 Nonprofit Funds recieved it's official 501c3 status... Nonprofit Funds now qualifys for an exemption from federal and state taxes. IRS conformation

Mission Statement

fbg_1’s relationship with our donors will be built on our core values: respect, integrity, collaboration, innovation, and excellence. Every volunteer at NPB knows this and puts it into action at all times...

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